Who we treat

adolescent depression

Children (age 5-12)

Are you having difficulty with getting your child to follow directions, experiencing temper tantrums or do you have trouble helping your child manage his or her emotions? We teach children and parents skills to effectively identify, express, respond to and manage emotions. We also teach the necessary skills to increase desired behaviors and decrease unwanted or unhelpful behavior.

Adolescents (age 13-17)

Adolescence can be a difficult time to navigate, filled with transitions, social pressures, increasing responsibilities, etc. Today, we add in the stressors of social media, living in a time of covid-19, political unrest, increased access to substances and substance use in addition to already present life challenges for this age group. Treatment for this age group is focused on identifying your adolescent’s goals, interests, and challenges so that he or she can live a more fulfilled life.

Adults (age 18+)

I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, interpersonal conflict, trauma and common life stressors within the adult population. Treatment will be collaborative as we work together to identify the problems or concerns presenting as well as goals and solutions that fit each individual’s values and lifestyle.


Unfortunately, children to not come with manuals and parenting is not easy. Parents are faced with many challenges and often are tasked with “wearing multiple hats.” Parents are children’s arming parents with best skills in child rearing, behavior change, and emotion regulation known to professionals.


Families are complicated! Families are usually trying their best and yet the most effective tools for building and maintaining healthy and effective communication patterns and relationships are rarely taught. That is what Glacier is here for! We will identify which behaviors and habits are having a negative impact on family communication and relationships. We will then identify family-specific goals and learn skills that can be implemented to improve family dynamics.


Relationships can be difficult to say the least. Bringing two individuals together with different life stories is an amazing journey and not without its challenges. Again, I believe often people are doing the best they know how. This is the problem: we are not taught how to navigate relationships and interpersonal differences in any concrete or very effective means. Therapy will help you as a couple effectively express yourselves and work through the challenges you are facing.

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