Glacier Psychology Services


We take the time to  get to know the individuals we are working with, by looking beyond surface level symptoms and behaviors. At Glacier, you’ll get a therapist committed to your overall well-being and driven to find the most effective therapeutic approaches for your specific needs. 

You taught me so much about patience, honesty, and kindness. You taught me how to be on fire for a job and a passion we both hold for mental health!
-Co-worker (AW)
I've never seen such a person genuinely look like they love what they do like I see in you. I'm impressed by your dedication to the multiple children that come to you.
-Co-worker (EC)
Dr. Nelson and the Glacier team have created a work & therapy environment that is supportive, fun, fair and encouraging. I genuinely look forward to coming to work and for that, I am extremely grateful!
-S. McGuire, Therapist

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