Glacier Psychology in the community

Glacier Psychology Services is dedicated to spreading mental health awareness in the community and is particularly dedicated to helping those serving vulnerable populations. Glacier provides other professionals that have frequent contact with children, adolescents, families and traumatized communities with mental health trainings. Trainings can include various topics related to effectively providing the services of their professions as well as coping with secondary trauma, increasing self-care, etc. Contact Dr. Kayla Nelson to schedule a free initial training of your choice. Additional trainings and seminars are available if desired.

Schools / Teachers

Trainings and seminars are available for both teachers and students. For teachers/school staff, trainings will focus on how to effectively identify mental/behavioral health concerns, address them in the classroom and foster a safe environment for students. Trainings will also offer suggestions on how to connect with mental health professionals in the community to meet the needs of your students. Seminars for students can cover a broad variety of topics, depending on what is most fitting for your school/classroom. Topics may include depression, social media use, relationships, conflict resolution, coping with covid-19, etc.

First Responders

Police officers and other first responders are highly trained professionals whose job and goal are to keep the community safe. I have the utmost respect for first responders and believe it is the responsibility of mental health professionals and first responders to work collaboratively to create and maintain a well-functioning society. Officers are required to put themselves in dangerous situations and make split second decisions that can be life altering for themselves and community members. They should be at the very least armed with tools based in psychological science on how to effectively manage their own emotions, de-escalate situations and understand how trauma and mental illness are often at the forefront of their work. Trainings will focus on understanding trauma and its effects on the brain, mental illness in the community, emotion regulation, crisis intervention, coping with secondary trauma, etc.

Family Law Attorneys

Family law professionals are often working with families in such an emotionally vulnerable place. They are inserted into family dynamics where experiences such as violence, abuse, heartbreak and divorce may be present. They are often the first to see the turmoil families face and have a unique opportunity to provide support and further guidance to families. I would like to work with family law attorneys to help provide families with therapy services as seamlessly as possible. I also recognize the great risk of family law attorneys experiencing symptoms of secondary trauma. Trainings will focus on coping with secondary trauma, finding work-life balance and recognizing signs of mental illness to best meet the needs of families served.

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