How we treat?

Cultural sensitivity and humility are imperative to successful treatment. Glacier Psychology Services is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment for all peoples and communities. It is our responsibility and mission to continuously challenge our understanding of mental health as it relates to different communities, cultures, experiences of oppression and more. We are passionate about getting to know our clients’ stories and understanding their perspectives to inform treatment in the best possible way.

Individual Therapy

In therapy, you will experience a relationship unlike any other, one that is both professional and perhaps extremely vulnerable. Our therapists will take the time to get to know you, your individual needs, strengths, values and challenges. It will also be important for you to get to know your therapist so that you can work together to attain the goals you set for yourself. Individual therapy can take many forms, dependent on each individual client’s needs. Individual therapy can empower you to make the changes you’ve been wanting!

Couples Therapy

In couples therapy the goal is to make each partner feel heard, understood and cared for. Couples easily get “stuck” in patterns of communication that are no longer working for them. Our role is to help couples stop the unhelpful patterns and learn new ways of communicating and actively listening to one another so that each partner’s needs are met. Get back to enjoying your partner’s company.

Group Therapy

Group therapy offers the unique opportunity to hear and learn from other individuals and families experiencing similar challenges and triumphs as your own. Our groups focus on identifying skill deficits and then learning how to effectively implement new skills into your everyday life. Group therapy often leads to long-lasting and meaningful relationships. 

Group Therapies Offered

DBT skills group (adolescent, adult, family)

ACT skills group (adolescent, adult, family)

Adolescent emotional intelligence group

Children’s social & emotional skills group

 Please note, we will add groups on an as needed basis to meet the needs of our clients. We are also considering options for telehealth group services.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can be a very dynamic and complex process, as families are dynamic and complex. Our therapists work from a systems approach which looks at family roles, communication patterns and general habits to identify helpful and effective versus unhelpful and ineffective dynamics. We also focus on family strengths and values, utilizing those as the foundation of the progress desired.

Play Therapy

Children often do not have the words to explain their internal experiences (thoughts and feelings). Therefore, play offers a window into that experience as children use their imagination to express themselves through play. Play will also be utilized to teach your child new ways of coping and expressing his or her experiences to parents, teachers and other caregivers to have his or her needs met. Play therapy is often utilized in family therapy services as well.

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