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About us

Glacier Psychology Services exists as a result of my work with children, adolescents and their families, where I have often felt “stuck” in a culture that fails to meet the mental health needs of our community. Therapy for anxiety and depression needs to be more accessible. Children and adolescents are struggling to find the support they need to cope with life stressors, resulting in staggering rates of anxiety and depression among youth. Our team is dedicated to linking young people to therapy services. We also specialize in working with young adults and parents managing stress, anxiety, depression and trauma-related disorders.

Treatment at Glacier focuses on overall health and well-being. We recognize and acknowledge the presence of mental illness, without giving it too much power. Individuals and families will learn to embrace all parts of themselves to form a more balanced view of themselves and the world. I chose the Glacier as the image of my practice for many reasons. Glaciers are strong, beautiful works of nature and can be quite powerful in creating movement and change. Throughout the therapy process, clients are encouraged to create the change they need in their own lives. Glaciers are also not without flaws or imperfections. They are breathtaking structures, only partially visible at the surface. And yet, what lies below the water is just as magnificent when given the chance to be seen. Each individual is like a glacier: beautiful, imperfect and waiting to be fully seen. Are you ready to make a change in your life?

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Dr Kayla Nelson

I have been passionate about child and adolescent mental health from the moment I began my graduate studies. I am dedicated to my continuing growth as a clinical psychologist meeting the individualized needs of my clients. I have extensive training and experience working with children, adolescents, and adults across the lifespan. Combining clinical science, behavioral studies and everyday experiences to foster mental health is my ongoing commitment to the community.

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We are dedicated to spreading mental health awareness in our community, particularly to those serving vulnerable populations.


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Working in mental health is such a rewarding career. We genuinely love coming to work each day and helping our clients meet their goals!
-Dr. Nelson

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