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Not many therapists were able to intellectually engage our daughter, to motivate her to do the DBT work, to help her develop instinct and skills to deal with her emotions. You did that!


I wanted to thank you for making me comfortable and at home in treatment. You helped me make it my querencia. A querencia is the one place a bull feels protected and secure in a bull fight. Its like an invisible fortress, the only place they feel safe.


You have helped me through some of my hardest times and I trust you more than I trust most people.


Dr. Nelson is not only understanding and empathetic to me and my partners experiences but provides productive useful resources that will benefit I believe both of us in the short term and long term. She has already strengthened and reframed our relationship back into a more productive healthier place. Personally I am grateful for her kindness , smarts, and grace through everything. Anyone and everyone would be lucky to work with such a compassionate individual through any therapeutic process. I may be biased in my response, but she is the best clinician I have ever been around. She has reminded me to be more mindful in ways that are beneficial individually and collectively for my overall growth.

Dr. Nelson is extremely compassionate, caring, intelligent, and educated. She as a person is a great resource, and offers other great resources and skills for her patients to use. I have never wanted to go to therapy/counseling or continue with any other treatment I received until now. She is great to work with, and has given me confidence in my ability to help and know myself.

You showed me how to have a good time sober with the simplest things out there. Also, you have shown me that you can find just true happiness and peace within yourself. You showed me that it is possible.


It was like I was at the edge of the cliff. You believed in me and pushed me off. Turns out, I could fly.


I can’t even tell you how many compliments I’ve received lately on my personality, energy, growth and heart. Never have I ever been so consistently self-aware and confident and happy. You’ve helped me learn so much about myself and taught me the tools to help me live a life to be proud of.


You have given me more faith in myself, more than I have ever had. You have allowed me to envision a future for myself that stretches beyond age 20.


You taught me so much about patience, honesty, kindness and you taught me how to be on fire for a job and a passion we both hold for mental health.



I’ve never seen such a person genuinely look like they love what they do like I see in you. I’m impressed by your dedication to the multiple children that come to you.



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